The website maintenance in an ongoing process and can be described using three words: Measure. Analyze. Take corrective actions.

  • Website Monitoring. We use many proven by industry tools to conduct website health audits, check the security strength, download speed, and optimizing the site to maximize the performance.
  • Measuring website traffic. Analyzing the website traffic and continuous SEO effort allow us to maximize your website visibility. We use multiple tools to analyze the audiences, the flow of the visitors on your website, the time they spend on web pages, and other metrics. Based on the site statistics, we take actions to further optimize your website.
  • Content updates. To keep the site content fresh and attractive for visitors and search engines, we publish blog posts on regular basis.
  • Back-end technology updates. We keep the site secure by regularly updating all interactive components of your website and upgrading the CMS system. This allows us to optimize functionality, increase site performance, and avoid plugins incompatibility.