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Website Design





As an experienced website design agency, we are experts in building websites that bring qualified traffic, increase leads and conversions. Make your move, digitize your business to get the website that:

  • Ranks high in Search Engines
  • Increase online engagement and visitors’ loyalty
  • Reinforce your brand image and makes you stand out from the competition
  • Optimized for all devices and easy to use and maintain
  • Better targets your audience

Let your web presence speak volumes about your company. We can show you how to make an inspiring impression and turn leads into sales. 




As a business owner, you have plenty of moving parts to worry about. Your website doesn’t have to be one of them. You shouldn’t have to spend valuable time taking care of your site development and maintenance:

  • Domain name registration/transfer
  • Hosting setup with the most reliable providers
  • Custom website design or redesign
  • E-commerce design
  • Website content development
  • Graphics and animation
  • Keywords analysis for Search Engines
  • Unlimited updates with continuing service
  • Web site maintenance
  • Website performance monitoring and improvement



Our experienced website designers build custom websites that provide the best online experience for your potential clients. We follow the principle “Give visitors exactly what they are looking for!“. This ensures our websites are more engaging and efficient, thereby reducing the bounce rate and increasing leads and conversions.

Rooks Agency develops websites for various industries. We are experts in in developing websites for home services businesses, including HVAC, electrical, construction, as well as insurance companies, dealerships, and non-profits.




Rooks Agency is involved in web design projects for many organizations and institutions. We are experienced in helping them to achieve their goals: to spread the word about an organization’s mission and activities and to attract volunteers and donors. Usually, nonprofits are limited in budget and time; this is why our team takes the best practices that include:

  • Information about the organization: mission and vision statements, information about governing body and team members
  • Secure payment options for donors
  • Interactive forms: volunteer or event registration, fundraising, and contact form
  • Blog posts, event calendars, calls to action, and other elements that attract visitors
  • Success stories, events galleries, and videos that increase engagement
  • Social media management



meeting-with-clientBefore starting to work on your website design (or redesign) we have to know all the details about your business and the industry you work in. We have to understand your unique needs, challenges, and expectations. Usually, we discover this information during the initial meeting with the client. We ask our clients the following questions:
  • What is the  goal of the website design/redesign?
  • What are your expectations?
  • What is your target audience?
  • What is your Unique selling proposition, something that makes you stand out from the competition?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What is the scope of the project? What pages should be developed and what website functionality may be required?
The information we obtain helps us to see the bigger picture, estimate the budget, and create a timeframe for the project.

Project-planningA website design planning is the most important phase in the web development process. Based on information collected in the previous step we complete the following tasks:

  • Creating a website architecture. We develop a sitemap that outlines a website hierarchical structure and determines and the relationship between pages.
  • Researching keywords phrases. Each page should be optimized for specific keywords. This is an essential process for Search Engine Optimization. We use multiple tools to determine what keywords describe your business, products, and services. We choose the keywords that have the highest number of search requests. We create a list of keywords phrases and synonyms for each page
  • Planning website functionality. We plan what technology will be used to create website interactive elements, such as forms, search elements, login systems, etc.
  • Determining the timeframe and assigning tasks to the team members.


During the website development phase, we complete the following tasks:

  • Creating a website’s look and feel. We choose visual elements that would convey the right message to the audience and create a positive brand image. Don’t worry if you don’t have images for your website. Rooks Agency takes care of all imagery, and if necessary, can organize a photo session on your site.
  • Website prototyping. After a mockup of a website is created, we present it to the client and ask for feedback. Communication with the client is very important for us at this point. We have to make sure we are moving in the right direction. Usually, we complete two rounds of major changes to the website design to meet our clients’ expectations.
  • Content development. Using the keyword phrase list developed in the previous step, our professional copywriters will develop content that is engaging for the site’s visitors and well optimized for search engines


This phase may take a day or two to complete. It includes the following tasks:

  • Pre-launch testing and debugging. We develop websites within an isolated development environment. This allows us to hide the unfinished site from the general public and search engines. Before launching the site, we test site appearance, functionality, adjust the website’s structure so it looks good in all web browsers and mobile devices.
  • Website Deployment. The next step is to deploy the site to a life (production) hosting server. Rooks Agency Provides the most reliable hosting service with 100% uptime, high bandwidth, backup plans, and enhanced security.
  • Post-launch process. The post-launch phase includes the following steps:
    – Final website health audit and optimization for the highest performance
    – Preparing the site for submission to search engines
    – Establishing the online presence across the entire Google platform


The website maintenance in an ongoing process and can be described using three words: Measure. Analyze. Take corrective actions.

  • Website Monitoring. We use many proven by industry tools to conduct website health audits, check the security strength, download speed, and optimizing the site to maximize the performance.
  • Measuring website traffic. Analyzing the website traffic and continuous SEO effort allow us to maximize your website visibility. We use multiple tools to analyze the audiences, the flow of the visitors on your website, the time they spend on web pages, and other metrics. Based on the site statistics, we take actions to further optimize your website.
  • Content updates. To keep the site content fresh and attractive for visitors and search engines, we publish blog posts on regular basis.
  • Back-end technology updates. We keep the site secure by regularly updating all interactive components of your website and upgrading the CMS system. This allows us to optimize functionality, increase site performance, and avoid plugins incompatibility.


  • Decades of experience in the field of web design, SEO, Social media management, Social Media Marketing, PPC, and other aspects of advertising.
  • Exceptional customer services: we listen, we understand, and we excel in every step
  • We are the 5-star rated agency
  • We take a proactive approach to design: we immerse in your business and develop winning strategies
  • We are committed to the best practice of providing accessibility, usability, and copyright protection
  • We take care of all back-end and front-end issues

What our Clients Say About our Web Design Services

We wish we could give Rooks Advertising Agency seven stars! Our team at Carolina Museum of the Marine | Al Gray Civic Institute thanks this amazing agency and its team members for their incomparable talent, commitment, creativity, and sheer speed at which they get things done. They have exceeded our expectations in every way. Don’t miss the opportunity to work with them!

Ashley Danielson,
Museum of the Marine | Al Gray Institute


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Services Most Interested In:

Get You Free Marketing Analysis!

Ready to take your marketing to the next level? Request a free, no-obligation marketing analysis from Rooks Agency today. Our team of experts will provide you with a comprehensive report tailored to your business, highlighting opportunities for growth and success. Don’t miss out, get started now!


Common Services and Definitions:

Personalized Design

Our team will work with you to deliver a polished, up-to-date website that is customized for your business’s needs. We will work with you every step of the process so you will always know what can be expected with your site.

Mobile Optimization

Consumers spend more than 80% of their online time on a mobile device. If your site is not mobile responsive, then you could be missing the vast majority of people looking for your product or service. Mobile web design is a must if you are going to be on the web.

CTA: Click to Call

Click-to-call links make it simple for customers to reach you. While browsing your website, customers will have the option to call your business directly from your website.

SSL Encryption

SSL encryption protects your customers and solidifies your business. We make sure this information is safe and secure. SSL encryption makes your valuable information unreadable to everyone other than the server you are sending it to. Keep your information safe, keep your site safe, and keep your customers safe.

WP Optimized Hosting

WordPress is the industry standard, and sites created within the platform can look stunning on any web host. But some hosting platforms, like the ones we use at Rooks Agency, are optimized specifically for WordPress, and they deliver your beautiful website at lighting speeds to your customers.

Monthly Analytics Reporting

Analytics are systems designed to track key metrics such as website traffic, traffic attribution, time on site, audience acquisition, behavior, and conversion statistics for a website. Understanding and analyzing the data provided by analytics can help create content and conversion strategies that turn visitors into loyal customers. The Rooks Agency is Google Analytics certified and can help you turn your website into a lead generation machine.

Ongoing Phone Support

We understand that there may be some questions during the process of launching your website. For ongoing phone support, feel free to call our office located in Sarasota, FL. We are here to support your business and keep the process as smooth as possible.

Expandable Blog Platform

Build a stronger relationship with your clients with a blog. We will design an attractive blog platform that you can use to interact with your customer base and share important news about your business. Every blog post creates searchable content and gives authority to your website, so it’s important that your blog be expandable and easily maintained.

Google Maps Integration

Highlight your business’s location by integrating your Google Maps page with your website. Your customers will be able to get driving directions to your business right from a link on your website.

CTA: Forms

The easier it is for a customer to submit their information, the more likely they are to contact you. With custom forms, customers can fill out their information, and their comments are forwarded directly to your email.

Image Compression Software

Image Compression Software will help keep your site running quickly and effectively. If you have a large photo, image compression software will help to make the file smaller, without compromising your image. This will keep your image sharp while keeping your site moving quickly.

Citation Building

Citation building is an ongoing process and a core component of search engine optimization. Your business will be mentioned, cited, and referenced throughout the internet. We ensure that the information is accurate and optimized for search engines to process and connect to your website. Effective citation building across multiple online directories enhances domain authority, which helps your website rank higher in search engines.

Client-Managed Chat Feature

Chat integration will allow someone to always be available to help your customers should they have any questions while browsing your site. Turn web traffic into qualified leads. If a customer comes to your site and has a question, our chat integration will make sure their question is answered.

Appointment Integration*

Does your CRM support appointment integration?  We will install the CRM code that allows customers to set appointments online. *CRM company must have existing code.

Custom Video Integration

In this digital age, nothing attracts someone’s attention quite like a video. We will work with you to create custom videos that help sell your company. Once these videos are created, we integrate them into your website for your customers.

Social Media Integration

Engage with your audience by including a live feed to your social media channels. Not only will it add content to your site, you will increase your level of trust with your customers by building and maintaining a stronger relationship.

Appointment Integration*

Does your CRM support appointment integration?  We will install the CRM code that allows customers to set appointments online. *CRM company must have existing code.

Custom Video Integration

In this digital age, nothing attracts someone’s attention quite like a video. We will work with you to create custom videos that help sell your company. Once these videos are created, we integrate them into your website for your customers.

Social Media Integration

Engage with your audience by including a live feed to your social media channels. Not only will it add content to your site, you will increase your level of trust with your customers by building and maintaining a stronger relationship.

Reviews Integration

Direct words from your happy clients, right on your website. Nothing will enhance the level of trust like people reading what other customers had to say. Having these words of affirmation on your website will enhance your expertise. At Rooks Agency, we understand the importance of updated reviews. Our review integration will allow others to see reviews that are up to date.