The Client

 A/C Warehouse, a Florida based provider of air conditioning units and services, has been a valued client of Rooks Advertising since 2008. In that time, under the ownership of Duane Burns the company grew both their revenue and brand.  They have cultivated their success through strategic marketing campaigns, customer service, and internal processes.  The success of the company caught the attention of Matt DiMauro who began to embark on expanding A/C Warehouse as a national brand in 2023.  

The Challenge

In the competitive world of HVAC sales and service, growing revenue is a challenging task during the shoulder months when demand naturally declines. Shoulder months, typically the spring and fall, can be slow for HVAC businesses.  Rooks Advertising was tasked with developing a social media marketing campaign to specifically address this challenge and boost unit sales during these traditionally slow periods.

The Strategy

Rooks Advertising created a targeted social media campaign titled “March Markdown Sales Event” that ran throughout March 2024.  The campaign focused on:

Compelling Offers:

Two offers were promoted: New A/C units from only $3,950 and Savings up to $2,300 on new A/C units.

Social Media Targeting:

Ads were targeted towards homeowners in A/C Warehouse’s service areas who were likely considering replacing their air conditioning units.

Lead Generation:

The ads run were designed to generate lead flow directly into their CRM and the platform’s A.I. was used to find a “high intent” audience.

Automation / Live CSR follow-up:

When a lead submitted inquired through the social media platform they immediately received an automated reply and were then followed up by a CSR to set an appointment.


The Results

The “March Markdown Sales Event” campaign exceeded expectations, delivering impressive results:

  • Total Spend: $9,800
  • Leads Generated: 124
  • Appointments Made: 26
  • Units Sold: 7
  • Revenue Generated: $61,076
  • Appointment Conversion Rate: 21% of total leads scheduled an appointment
  • Sale Conversion Rate: 29.6% of appointments converted to sale
  • Lead to Sale Conversion Rate: 6.4% of total leads resulted in a sale

Key Takeaways:

This case study demonstrates the power of strategic social media advertising in driving sales even during traditionally slow periods.  Here are some key takeaways:

Compelling Offers:

Since HVAC unit purchases are made based on need and not generally a “preemptive” purchase, the offers must be appealing enough that they move a customer into the consideration funnel.


Precise targeting ensures your message reaches the most receptive audience.  Campaigns utilize A.I.s ability to find “High Intender” audiences.

Bold Creative:

Bold Creative with eye-catching colors and graphics help cut though the clutter on social platforms. 

CSR followthrough:

With an appointment rate of 21%, it shouldn’t be difficult for the average person following up to get discouraged.  A well trained CSR team like the ones at A/C Warehouse are pivotal in the success of a leads campaign.

Moving Forward:

The success of the “March Markdown” campaign is a testament to the ongoing partnership between Rooks Advertising and A/C Warehouse. As A/C Warehouse expands its national footprint, Rooks Advertising will continue to develop innovative marketing strategies to drive sales and brand awareness for this flourishing franchise.

Looking Ahead:

As A/C Warehouse continues its journey to becoming a national brand, the success of the March Markdown campaign serves to reinforce the power of strategic social media marketing. Continual market adaptation and marketing innovation in the always evolving digital landscape has set a strong foundation for A/C Warehouse’s expansion. The campaign not only provided a significant boost in sales during a slow period but also offered valuable insights into consumer behavior and preferences.  It is also important to note the positive impact a well trained staff and company processes can have on a marketing campaigns outcome.

In conclusion, the March Markdown campaign exemplifies how thoughtful marketing strategies, coupled with effective execution, can overcome seasonal fluctuations in demand. This case study serves as a blueprint for similar businesses aiming to leverage social media marketing to drive sales and grow their brand nationally.

Ready to see how a targeted social media marketing campaign can transform your HVAC business? Reach out to us today and get started!

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