Create a social media campaign that would create both upper and lower funnel buying activity for a “Nissan Now” campaign.


Because Facebook has such a large active user base and Nissan has such a diverse product offering, our target could be defined as almost anyone who is over the age of 18. Launching a campaign to such a broad demographic would not be cost effective. The agency needed to find and target the best and most likely Nissan prospects as well as match the right product to the right person.



Believing that our top prospects would be people who had previously owned a Nissan in the past, the team at Rooks Agency decided to begin by developing a Facebook custom audience utilizing the current customer database. To expand upon that our team developed a Facebook “Look-a-Like” audience using existing customer data to find other potential customers who have the same interests and patterns.

Now that the potential targets had been established we first launched a Facebook carousel ad displaying the full line of Nissan products with attractive Sign and Drive lease offers. As each individual interacted with a particular offer, they were taken to product pages that were specific to the ad they interacted with.

Utilizing Google Tag Manager the prospect’s device was “tagged” based on the web pages they visited. Once tagged, they moved into our “lower funnel” marketing effort and we were able deliver vehicle specific ads based on the product or products of interest. These “lower funnel” ads were continuously running video ads designed to reinforce the prospects interest.


As part of a fully integrated marketing campaign, these social media advertising efforts helped produce a large increase in vehicle sales.

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