Case Study: Deal of the Day – Marketing for Dealerships

What we do? What do the stats look like? Our video ads are highly effective. They drive the target audiences by impacting prospective buyers! Let’s take a closer look at the results of our recent “Deal of the Day” marketing effort: What do the videos look like? What do you have to do? We shoot all 20 vehicles…

Reputation Management: Build, Repair, Protect

You’ve heard that our greatest fears are death and public speaking.  In today’s world, we can add one more to the list “having our reputation ruined on the Internet”.  We live in an age where your hard earned personal or business reputation can be wiped out by just a few in the vocal minority. The…

Fully Integrated Campaigns

A Rooks Agency fully integrated marketing campaign expands the digital campaign by adding offline advertising venues such as billboards, direct mail, and print publications. A full marketing campaign maximizes your advertising visibility for optimal brand saturation.

Digital Integrated Campaigns

We live in a digital age, and Rooks Agency can help your business use that to your advantage. Choosing this package allows you access to our most effective digital services such as Google Adwords, Google Analytics and social media advertising. Our agency will help you reach your full potential as a powerful player in the digital realm, with all its possibilities.

Case Study: Child Protection Center, Inc. Sarasota

The objective was to launch the Child Protection Center’s website on a platform that allows the CPC team to make content edits. Their website needed to be user-friendly and offer a backend platform that was simple and easy to use.

Marketing Minute: Google Ad Conversions

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