Maybe you have been hesitant to join social media. You keep hearing that you need to be on these platforms but you don’t see how it benefits your business. It’s hard to argue with the numbers, so below are some social media marketing statistics that may make your more willing to join the conversation on social media. 


Facebook is a large and popular platform for your business to connect with customers. Broth organic posts and paid ads offer endless opportunities on the site. Many Americans are on it and check it daily, so there are many opportunities to connect with your customers and grow your followers. 

  • 68% of Americans are on Facebook (Pew Research Center)
  • 1.59 billion people on average log onto Facebook daily and are considered daily active users (Zephoria)
  • Over 60% of people access Facebook around eight times each day (Smart Insights)

Why should you want to be on Facebook? 

These statistics show that there are many opportunities to reach customers on Facebook, often everyday. It also gives you a chance to reach new customers. Facebook’s targeting allows you to reach your target market when you are creating ads so you are able to reach your target market, right down to specific demographics. Facebook offers an efficient way to build your brand awareness as well as find your target market.


Instagram is a great platform for increasing your brand awareness and engaging with customers. With organic posting, it allows people to learn more about your brand. With sponsored posts you are able to reach new people that may like your brand. Hashtags allow people in a community to find posts similar to yours. For example, if you own a coffee shop, you can add #localcoffee on your post and find people in your area who like local coffee. They can follow you and even come in and try your coffee shop they discovered on Instagram.  

  • 500 million users check Instagram daily (Instagram)
  • Ad spending on Instagram is at least 23% higher than on Facebook (Digiday)
  • If you are trying to reach a younger market, 59% of users are under 30 years old (Statista)

Why should you want to be on Instagram?

Instagram is a huge platform! These statistics show that it is a platform that has a lot of daily social activity. You are able to enhance your brand with consumers in a place they feel comfortable and are already actively engaging. With the ability to post sponsored ads as well, you can reach new customers in addition to your target market, similar to Facebook.


Twitter is quickly growing in popularity. There are many people on Twitter, and it is becoming a platform that people check every day. This is an optimal opportunity to reach new customers and connect with your current customers.

  • 24% of American adults are on Twitter (Statista)
  • 326 million people use Twitter every month (PR Newswire)
  • 83% of people who engaged with a company on Twitter felt better about the company (Twitter)

Why should you want to be on Twitter? 

This is an opportunity to reach new customers and enhance your relationship with your current customers. Twitter has a tone that is quick, snappy, and hip so it offers a great opportunity to show your customers a fun side of your business. It allows your company to grow.

What Next?

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