Just like peanut butter and jelly, your business’s SEO and social media strategies should complement each other. Though they can seem like two different animals, they have a relationship that allows both to be incredibly helpful if they work together. 

SEO and Social Media Strategies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) increases your company’s chances of showing up on online search results pages. When someone searches for terms and phrases directly relating to your business, you want to appear.

Social media relates to your business’s organic posting on platforms. This is your business’s presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Having a strong social media presence is becoming more important to businesses, and when working together, both SEO and social media can help heighten the results of the other.

By harmonizing your SEO and social media strategy, you can drive more traffic to your website. You can do this by thinking about what SEO and social media provide for customers – a way to learn more about your services. Below are a few tips to help you harmonize your SEO and social media strategy and drive more online traffic to your company.

Share Buttons

This is a simple and efficient technique. By adding the ability for others to share your content on social media, you are reaching new traffic and increasing your search rankings. This can play an important role in your ranking position from search engines. Adding a way for people to share your content with the push of a button is an easy way to increase your web domain authority.

Integrated Keywords

Since SEO and social media compliment each other, sharing certain strategies can help both. When it is appropriate, try to include the keyword strategy for your website in social media posts. This can increase the reach of your messages. As you plan your social media strategy, be sure to put some extra thought in your captions.

Your bios on social media platforms are expensive real estate. Be sure to not waste that space. By including links back to your website, you are increasing the opportunity to drive traffic back. It is also important to include links to your website and other relevant blogs you’ve created on content sharing platforms.

When people share your content and include a link back to the original source, it will increase inbound links back to your website. This makes you seem more credible to the search engines that crawl the internet and rate your website, as well as more authentic to potential customers.

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