Increase PPC conversions while lowering both the cost per click and cost per conversion.


During Florida’s hottest summer months, the local Google Ads competition for AC companies can be tough to go up against. The more businesses bidding on the same keywords in the same geographical area, the higher your cost per click can get.


After analyzing bid strategy options, our team decided to focus on conversions instead of click quantity by switching our campaigns to a “Max Conversion” strategy. We also narrowed down our keywords to more specified terms and phrases, excluding more generic terms (such as “air conditioning”). This filtered out erroneous clicks and searches that weren’t converting into sales. Lastly, we completely rewrote the ad copy and corresponding extensions to better reflect the copy on Gulf Coast’s website. This created more compelling advertisements and raised our Ad Rank. This increase in rank pushed our ads higher on the results page, beating out competitors.


These calculated changes resulted in an extensive increase in progress overall. When comparing the year-over-year data for a 6-month span, both clicks and conversions increased while the cost per click and cost per conversion dropped exponentially. When comparing year over year, Gulf Coast’s conversions went up by over 500 percent! Check out the table below for complete details:

  Total Clicks Avg. Cost per Click Total Conversions Conversion Rate Cost per Conversion
March – August 2018 1,033 $14.40 69 7.63% $191.63
March – August 2019 2,046 $9.64 420 20.64% $46.77
Year Over Year +98.06% -33.04% +508.09% +13.01% -75.56%

Engaging the Rooks Agency as our marketing partner has been one of our best investments. We struggled for years with our website, but their digital team has done an outstanding job enhancing our online visibility. They are our go-to source for all of our marketing needs, and their hands-on approach has greatly increased our leads from the website. We would highly recommend them.”

– Bob Cochell, Owner – Gulf Coast Air Systems

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