Google Ads gives its users the option of controlling exactly when ads appear. Whether you want your ads to appear anytime a customer searches, only during office hours, or on specific days of the week, ad scheduling makes it possible.

Utilizing this scheduling tool can increase your conversion rate while dropping your average cost per conversion. Through analyzing the timing of your campaign’s most popular keywords, you can narrow down your ad schedule to an optimized timetable. Instead of wasting money on lower-converting hours or days, we suggest focusing on your specified target audience and conforming your ad schedule to their search habits

Choosing Your Ad Schedule

An optimized schedule is different for every business, depending on what you’re selling and when your products are available to customers. An air conditioning company, for example, might choose to have their ads viewable only during office hours, when someone is available to answer phone calls. A business that offers the option to shop through an online store, however, could benefit from showing ads at all times.

To view when your customers are searching for your products or services, simply select the Ad Schedule subtab on the left hand side of your Google Ads dashboard, followed by the Day & Hour tab located toward the top.

Next Steps

Not sure of a schedule that would work best for you? The Rooks Agency digital team can help you further define your audience and create a strategy that will increase conversions. To learn more information on our services, contact us at 941-747-2021 or send us an inquiry online.

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