You’ve set up your Google Ads account, but now what? How do you stand out from the crowd and beat your competitors on the search results page? Check out these five, simple tips that can help you create extremely effective Google search ads.

1. Utilize different types of Google search ads.

Google Ads currently uses three different types of search ads: expanded text ads, responsive search ads, and call-only ads. Google recommends having at least two text ads and one responsive search ad per ad group. This allows the system to test out different versions of your ads, showing you which headlines and descriptions perform best. Additionally, call-only ads are a great add-on, displaying your phone number front and center to anyone searching for your services.

2. Match your copy to your keywords.

Whatever keywords you’ve chosen for your specific ad group, make sure to utilize them in your search ad copy. For example, if you’re advertising repair services for an AC company, and you’ve used keywords such as “air conditioning service,” “air conditioning repair,” and “ac service near me,” make sure to use these exact phrases in your headlines and descriptions.

3. Optimize your landing pages.

Landing pages are just as important as the quality of your ads. Google wants to make their users are given quality services at all times. Google Ads will scan your landing page and score it based on how relevant it is to your ad group, ad copy, and selected keywords. If you have a specific page on your website that directly relates to your ad, choose that over your homepage. Including the keywords you’ve used in Google Ads in your website copy will tell Google that you aren’t misleading the customer and that your services are relevant to their search.

4. Create useful ad extensions.

  • Stand out from your competitors with the use of ad extensions. Extensions expand your ad with additional information—giving people more reasons to choose your business (Google).
  • Link your Google map location through a location extension, or showcase your phone number for easy click-to-call conversions with a call extension.
  • Call-out extensions provide users with additional, unique reasons to choose your business, such as “Price Matching,” “24/7 Customer Service,” or “Free Shipping.”
  • Sitelink extensions are especially helpful, giving potential customers direct links to important pages on your website, such as your Hours & Directions, Contact Us, or Inventory pages.
  • The more ad extensions you use, the more relevant and useful Google sees you. This gives you a greater chance of showing above your competitors on the search results page.

5. Keep your Google search ads current.

If you’re using special offers, pricing, or holiday verbiage in your ads, make sure you don’t leave them running after dates have passed and offers have expired! Keeping an eye on your campaigns regularly will keep your business or agency out of trouble when it comes to out-of-date copy.

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