You can use responsive display ads in both standard display campaigns and smart display campaigns. These ads adapt and can change their design to fit into just about any online ad space. They operate based on assets. This means Google combines the content and copy that you supply to generate multiple formats, prioritizing user experience.

Benefits of Responsive Display Ads

Improve your reach: Since Google automates them, responsive display ads can resize to fit into any digital space, simplifying reaching your target audience whenever they’re online. Rather than being limited to two or three sizes, Google utilizes its vast Display Network to reach your potential customers wherever they browse.

Dynamic retargeting: Your responsive display ads can also support dynamic retargeting. This allows you to attach a feed to your campaign, showing previous website visitors ads for the products they’ve recently viewed.

Best Ad Dimensions:

Based off of Google’s own recommendations, these ad dimensions are the most optimal:

Best Dimensions of Mobile:

300 x 250 • 320 x 50 • 320 x 100 • 250 x 250 • 200 x 200

Best dimensions for Desktop:

336 x 280 • 728 x 90 • 300 x 600 • 160 x 600 • 970 x 90 • 468 x 60 • 250 x 250 • 200 x 200

What Next?

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