When a user completes an action that you consider to be valuable, this action becomes a conversion. Google’s conversion tracking tool allows you to see what a customer has done after they’ve interacted with your search or display ad, whether they’ve purchased your product, called your business, or filled out a form on your website.

Benefits of Conversion Tracking

Having access to conversion data allows you to optimize your keyword lists, ad copy, and campaign strategies. Sort through what’s working and what’s not by seeing which marketing tactics are driving customers to contact you or buy your product. This information can also help you narrow down where your customers are coming from, such as cell phones, desktops, or mobile applications.

When someone interacts with your search or display ad, Google stores a customized cookie containing information about the interaction. When the conversion occurs, a tracking tag reads the cookie and sends the conversion back to Google Ads. Sometimes, you need to install a specific tag or code on your company’s website or tag manager to enable Google to gather information effectively.

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