Cater to your campaign’s end goal through Google Ads’ different bidding strategies. These options allow you to choose a strategy based off of an end result. Being intentional with bidding is an important step in creating a successful Google Ads Pay-Per-Click campaign.

Google Ads Bid Strategy Types

Are you wanting to drive more people to your website? Looking for more conversions? Or do you just want to increase brand awareness? Google offers a bid strategy for each of these goals.


Target cost per action (CPA): Optimize for conversions through this strategy if you’re looking to increase conversions while sticking to a specific budget or CPA.

Target return on ad spend (ROAS): Optimize for conversion value by using Target ROAS to increase your number of conversions while focusing on a specified return on investment amount.

Maximize conversions: Use this strategy to focus on increasing conversion actions regardless of price. Instead of taking CPA or ROAS into consideration, Google simply spends whatever is necessary (within your overall budget) to get users to convert.


Maximize clicks: This automated bid strategy is the simplest way you can bid for clicks. If you’re looking to drive traffic to your website, this is the best option for you. Google’s automatic system will manage your bids to bring you the most clicks possible within your daily budget.

Manual CPC bidding: Similar to Google’s maximize clicks strategy, manual CPC bidding allows you to set the max bid manually for specific ad groups, keywords, or placements. If you’ve seen that a certain keyword performs better than others, using the manual bidding strategy will allow you to allocate your budget accordingly.


Target search page location: This automated bid strategy sets increases the chances of your ad appearing on the first page (or top of the first page) of the search results. If you’re looking to always beat out the competition, this strategy is your best option.

Target outranking share: Leading off of the search page location option, this strategy allows you to choose a specific domain you’d like to outrank on the search results page and bid whatever’s needed to display your ad above theirs. This allows you to narrow down which competitors you’re directly bidding against.

Next Steps

Each of the bidding strategies has its own benefit. It all comes down to what end goal best serves your business. Once your goals are clear, you’ll be able to successfully tailor your Google Ads to perform around your budget. Our team of Google Ads experts can create campaigns that will change your business and increase your ROI. If you’d like to learn more about our marketing services, give us a call at 941-747-2021 or send us an inquiry online.

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