Explore our latest case study detailing the strategic development of a dairy farm product website by Rooks Agency. Meticulously optimized for SEO, adeptly conveying the company’s brand message, and effectively boosting milk product sales, this exemplifies the prowess of product website design in agricultural marketing.


Create an optimized website design that would primarily feature the products sold while helping to continue to establish the farm’s family-owned, sustainable brand. In addition, the new site should improve search engine optimization.


The new website design needed to sell the dairy products while maintaining the farm’s brand. It was vital that customers knew the farm is family owned and practicing sustainable farming methods. In addition, we wanted to continue to brand the farm as a fun and educational destination for school field trips and tours during a time when the global society has taken a step back from group activities. Our goal was to create a new site that would allow users to easily access the products. And, the site needed to accurately telling the farm’s special story.


We focused on selling the dairy while maintaining the brand of the farm. Through clever copy and intentional website design, we were able to create a site that helped to improve search engine optimization and told the story of the family-owned, sustainable farm. The dairy products are featured in a clean and organized design that helps to showcase each product. And, our team went on location to photograph the farm and cows in order to help tell the story.

This helped to showcase the client’s brand during our website design and further enhance the copy. When it came to the events, we were able to showcase the farm as a desirable educational destination during the heightened environment of the pandemic through carefully articulated copy.   


Our team was able to create a website that presents the dairy products, improves search engine optimization, and continues to establish the brand of the farm. 


“My thanks go to you and the team at Rooks! I so appreciate all the work you all are putting in.” -Melissa Lee, Buyer/Procurement

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