Dive into our case study as we unveil the powerful integrated marketing strategies employed by Rooks Agency for attorney advertising, leveraging our extensive expertise in marketing for law firms to drive exceptional results.


Complete a total overhaul of an existing website design. Create a comprehensive advertising campaign including mailings, billboards, television commercials, and social media.



Connie Mederos Jacobs is a local criminal defense attorney with immense courtroom trial experience. When she decided to run for Manatee County Judge, she knew she needed a qualified team of advertising and marketing experts to handle her campaign strategy. Due to the nature of political campaigns, she also needed a team that could quickly craft a cohesive message and build an effective strategy around it. 

Connie’s existing website had some design flaws. Therefore, it required a complete overhaul. The new website needed to clearly showcase her background and qualifications while appealing to a wide range of voters. In addition to website design, she also needed a far-reaching marketing strategy that would connect with voters through a variety of different platforms.


Since The Rooks Agency has extensive experience in marketing for law firms, we were a perfect fit for Connie’s needs. The new strategy started with a simple, user-friendly website design. We put the most important information on the home page to maximize its impact. We also lengthened the word count on several pages to give the website an SEO boost.

Next, we moved onto the marketing strategy. This included securing mailing lists of past voters, designing billboards and print advertising, and creating television commercials. When last-minute events came up, the Rooks team rose to the occasion, developing the necessary communication in minutes, rather than hours or days.



Attorney Jacobs’ website and campaign garnered a huge amount of attention. It also had a side-effect of dramatically improving her caseload and the profitability of her law practice. She was so pleased with the Rooks agency’s accomplishments that she immediately hired us to design her new attorney marketing site. Since it’s launch, her law practice continues to grow and thrive.


“The Rooks Agency is top notch. David Rooks and his team are professionals who know how to promote. I hired them to assist me with my campaign to be elected judge.  They were always available with ideas, guidance and to troubleshoot on a moments notice. This was most important given the ever changing dynamics of an election campaign. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking an outstanding advertising agency.” ~ Attorney Connie Mederos Jacobs

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