Step into the process of a transformative website redesign for a car washing business, where visual appeal, message conveyance, and usability enhancements take center stage to redefine the digital experience.


The primary objective was to create a modern, visually appealing website that is also user-friendly. After the website design was complete, the company set secondary goals of spreading its message, improving brand awareness, and attracting new customers.



RipTide Car Wash is a state-of-the-art facility with a fabulous story to tell. Unfortunately, the company’s antiquated website was holding them back. They needed a website redesign that was both clean and efficient.

The company also needed an effective way to spread their message. Unfortunately, after having extremely negative experiences with Facebook in the past, they were actually considering terminating their Facebook page. Rooks Agency‘s team needed to overcome this objection and convince RipTide to give the social media platform one more shot.


The website we designed met all of RipTide’s objectives. It’s clean, modern, and features all of the most important information front-and-center on the home page. It also uses SEO to improve the website’s rankings.

The home page features an engaging video that showcases the company’s top-of-the-line car wash equipment. This creates visual interest while also making the website more engaging. Upon completion of the website design, we launched a small-scale Facebook Ads campaign that required minimal investment from the client.



Not only was the client extremely pleased with their website redesign, but they were also surprised by the initial results of their Facebook campaign. In just a few short weeks, the two ads we crafted had already reached 3,387 people. In addition, they had received 140 click-throughs to their website. As the Facebook algorithms continue to identify what’s working best, this early momentum will continue to soar.


“The Rooks Agency created a beautiful new website for us that clearly states our services and is easy to navigate.  We love that our site represents our state-of-the-art car wash facility. Rooks Ads continues to keep us top-of-mind through a Facebook campaign that is grabbing our prospect’s attention!  Thanks Rooks Team!” -Tony Fisher, Owner RipTide Car Wash

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