Explore our latest case study detailing the strategic approach to crafting a cutting-edge attorney’s website design, tailored to enhance online visibility and client engagement through expert law firm website design practices.


Create a visually appealing website that was significantly different from typical attorney advertising sites. The site also needed to be easy to navigate and designed for maximum conversions.



After 12 years of working for another local firm, attorney Elizabeth Barber needed a website for her new solo practice. Her vision was quite different from what you’ll find on other attorney marketing sites. Instead of using stuffy office shots or boring stock photos, she wanted her website to incorporate beautiful works of art created by her favorite local artists.

While visual appeal was important, a user-friendly website design was also critical. Since the purpose of the site was to attract potential clients, it was also important that the website design included SEO and was optimized for conversions.


To meet the clients’ objectives, Rooks Agency‘s team started with a traditional, easy-to-navigate website design. All practice areas are prominently placed on the home page, making it easier for clients to find exactly what they’re looking for. We also added a blog to help improve the website’s SEO and increase conversions by helping to establish attorney Barber as an expert in her field. To ensure visual appeal, we chose complementary colors and incorporated artwork photos on each web page.



The resulting website design is unique and interesting enough to help the client distinguish herself from other attorneys providing similar services. The website’s blog offers ongoing opportunities for SEO. Attorney Barber also enjoys a steady flow of new client leads thanks to her highly converting website.


“The Rooks Agency patiently listened to all my goals. They kept an open mind and helped bring my vision to life. I absolutely love my website and am so appreciative for all your help!” -Elizabeth J. Barber, P.A.

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