Embark on a journey through our latest case study, where we showcase the transformative power of creating a dynamic and impactful website for a non-profit organization, demonstrating the invaluable role a well-crafted non-profit organization website plays in achieving meaningful societal impact.


Create a visually appealing website, business cards, and stationary for N-AbleTEK, a newly formed 501c3 nonprofit organization. The organization’s goals required the website to include robust text and intuitive navigation.



The website design needed to clearly communicate N-Able-TEK’s unique mission and services. We needed enough text to enhance the site’s SEO without adding so much that the reader would lose interest. 

In addition, an intuitive design was critical to ensure that users who aren’t tech-savvy can quickly and easily find the information they need.

To create an emotional connection with the viewer, we also needed to carry the organization’s symbol — the hummingbird — and its message of hope throughout the site.


After listening closely to N-AbleTEK’s goals, our team designed a simple, user-friendly website that clearly explained who the organization is, what they do, how to apply, and how to donate. We also explained the organization’s vision and mission, helping to give the site an additional SEO boost.

Finally, we added hummingbird visuals throughout the site. The homepage features a fun video of a “live” hummingbird and text that explains the symbolism. It reads: “A hummingbird’s message is that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams and create a new path. Like a hummingbird, you have so much to explore!



The outcome was a user-friendly non-profit organization website, N-AbleTEK, that is both informative and well-organized. Maintaining the hummingbird theme and using complementary colors adds to the website’s visual appeal. The video on the homepage also makes the site more eye-catching and helps the organization stand out from the crowd of other nonprofits. 


“We switched our website over to Rooks Agency recently and it was clearly a wonderful decision to do so! They have been extremely professional, courteous, and timely, and always have patience for our many updates and questions. We are so thankful to their team and highly recommend them!” – Rene Burke, Executive Director, N-AbleTEK

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